Want to contribute to Konsensus Network? Find out how

We wouldn't be where we are today without the dozens of starfish contributing their time and effort to help localize bitcoin knowledge. Want to help out? Learn how our process works in this article.

Want to contribute to Konsensus Network? Find out how
Help to spread bitcoin knowledge through book translation

Konsensus Network is a starfish organization. That means that you or anybody else, who is interested to contribute in the bitcoin education is welcomed to our translation teams. In this article, you can see how our book translation process progresses. You learn what different positions work and you can find one that is fit for you.

Book translation process

It all starts with the need to translate one of many wonderous bitcoin books into other languages. We know, that reading in your native language is important. Our mission is to translate and bring awareness about bitcoin through books. If you know a perfect book that we haven't translated yet, don't hesitate to contact us.

Translation team positions

Our book translation process is done in four key stages:

  • Raw translation
  • Proof-reading
  • Editing
  • Review

Raw translation

Transferring the original idea into your language is your main job. You will have the original work (in English) and you put your time and sweat to translate and restructure the language to fit your culture and linguistics so it is easily understood.

This part is usually quite time-consuming. The work is divided into chapters and you can choose how many you will translate depending on your schedule.


You will work with the raw translation once it's done. You'll make corrections to the text and you make suggestions to the editor on how the translation would truly reflect the spirit and ideas stated in the original work.

Try to find suitable words in your language. You hunt down the right words in other books (like economics) and make the sentences make sense and clean them up. The last call to all the corrections is in the hands of the editor.


When we are looking for an editor, we want you to know that you work with the whole book. That means you need to have the time and effort to finish the project. Make sure that the reading experience is coherent and that all the used language and terminology are unified.

You resolve all suggested edits that the proofreader did before. You will also build the index and make sure the book looks as it should with all the footnotes, italics, and bolding in place. When you are finished, the book is almost ready.


Before the last review, there is some typesetting involved. But then we find a few fresh eyes to read the final book before it goes to print. Fresh eyes iron out all the small issues and give feedback. Fresh eyes are compensated with a free book once it is out.

Contribution sheet

There is a contribution sheet, where the team members can flag what chapters they want to work with. That way there won't be overlaps and the team can see how the project is progressing. The contribution sheet is also one way to keep track of the individual contribution that affects the possible profits.


There are two types of profit models in Konsensus Network, from which translation teams can decide. The starfish model and the sailfish model have been developed to reward those, who contribute, with the help of the contribution sheet that we discussed earlier.  

The starfish model

Light entrepreneurship where each translator gets a share of the book based on the work they did on it as long as we are selling it. This means that we have to be able to sustain our operation and keep developing, so the possible “dividends” might not pay out in some years, depending on how fast bitcoin books gain popularity. With the starfish model, we don’t want anyone to think there will be a payment for the work any time soon. Think of it like investing your time in an early startup with a lot of upside potential but one that may also fail. On the upside, if we do succeed, you will be able to get royalties as long as we are in business.

The sailfish model

Since we are well aware that many bitcoiners would rather stack sats today than tomorrow, we have decided to launch the sailfish model as an alternative to the starfish model. This model is more traditional in that we would decide the value of the translation work upfront together with the team that is chosen and 20% of the work will be paid for on delivery of the final manuscript based on the team contribution. 80% of the rewards will be paid monthly from the sales of the book until the 80% is all filled up. This way it is possible to get paid for the work right away and guaranteed pay as long as the book is selling. The downside of this model is that you won’t get to enjoy the royalties after the quota is filled 100%.

Want to be part of a translation team?

Join our translation team and let's find you a project you would love to be part of!

We want to find a good position for everybody depending on their interests. If you know a book and/or a position you are interested in, you can always send an e-mail to info@konsensus.network.

Sometimes we need more people for existing teams, so remember to follow us on Twitter!

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