Starfish & Spider Organizations

Konsensus Network is a Starfish organization. What do we mean by that? Read on to learn more about the unstoppable power of decentralization.

Konsensus Network - A Starfish Organization
Starfish And Spider Organizations - The Unstoppable Power of Decentralization

Konsensus Network is a starfish organization, but what does it mean? Roughly, you could call it a light entrepreneurial enterprise where each participant contributes work and reaps rewards according to their specialization. For example, as the CEO, my job is to contract new titles to be translated and distributed, organize and schedule new releases, and build and fund the infrastructure for printing and delivering the work for the rest of the organization. I also do the typesetting and graphic design for our titles.

Then we have the authors that provide the backbone of our operation. Their original work gets dissected by our translation teams into suitable pieces. Then the teams incorporate the work they choose into their schedule according to their preference, from raw translation to proofreading to editing, after which the translated work lands on my table for publication.

And of course, we have a support network comprising customer service, administration, and compliance specialists. Everyone is working on "sweat equity" for a common, individually important goal of vital information distribution.

We have around 50 volunteers working on our projects at the moment and we are expanding our library of localized titles monthly. The growth since we started in 2019 with only one title has been staggering we now publish more than ten titles across over five languages and we have at least double that in the works. We have been increasing our reach by an order of magnitude every year which makes me humble and proud at the same time.

The key to making such a large-scale knowledge distribution operation viable is that no one gets paid for their work upfront but as we decentralize the work and responsibilities, we also decentralize the rewards. Low-time preference is paramount and for bitcoiners, it comes naturally. When I talk about volunteers I don't mean they don't get paid, just that the payoff might or might not happen according to the profits we might make on any given title. The whole thesis I first started this company on, was that as the fiat valuation of bitcoin ticks up, so does the demand for bitcoin literature.