Everything divided by 21 million

Knut Svanholm, the Swedish author of Sovereignty Through Mathematics and Independence Reimagined is back with a new title. Everything divided by 21 million has everything to become another bitcoin-literature classic.

Cover image of Bitcoin: everything divided by 21 million.
Bitcoin: everything divided by 21 million - Knut Svanholm's latest book.

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Knut Svanholm's third and newest book Everything divided by 21 Million is Konsensus Network's first original English publication. Knut's style of writing is best described as a guided meditation that soothes the experienced and tutors the uninitiated in the ways of bitcoin. You can't go wrong choosing Knut to guide you through the stormy seas of bitcoin. His quick wit and humor will accompany you, making the reading experience unique, full of moments to remember.

From the back cover

We’re all chained to the unforgiving arrow of time. We’re born, we live, and we get old. At least that’s what we hope will happen. Then we die. None of us humans are millionaires in terms of hours, yet we sacrifice our most valuable and scarce asset just to stay alive on the hamster’s wheel one more day. In pursuit of saving time, Satoshi stumbled upon a discovery of a new, weightless, absolutely scarce element. The showstopper for each and every time thief. Element zero. Bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s limited supply cap is the immovable object that enables us all to become an unstoppable force.

“Because the truth is, the system is us. Each of our actions in choosing, in turn, changes our world. It is how ideas we once couldn’t see turn into reality. One person at a time.”‌‌‌‌— From the foreword by Jeff Booth

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