Want to help spread bitcoin knowledge? There are many ways to contribute your time and effort to Konsensus Network and earn some sats.

  • Join the affiliate program
  • Become a contributor
  • Get your original book published by us
  • B2B Sales commissions

Affiliate Program

Join our affiliate program and you will get your own coupon code that will give your clients a 10% discount and you will get a commission on your sales depending on your level:

  • Tier 1: Available for everyone - 10%
  • Tier 2: For content creators with an audience - 15%
  • Tier 3: For authors and contributors of Konsensus Network - 20%
Affiliate Program | Bitcoin Books - Join and earn bitcoin.
Earn bitcoin with Konsensus Network. Recommend our books and get up to 20% of your sales in bitcoin. Withdraw sats directly to your own wallet. Start today.
Join the Konsensus Network Affiliate Program

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Contribute to Konsensus Network

We are always looking for contributors who want to help out translating bitcoin knowledge to new languages. Learn about our process and get in touch if you are interested.

Want to contribute to Konsensus Network? Find out how
We wouldn’t be where we are today without the dozens of starfish contributing their time and effort to help localize bitcoin knowledge. Want to help out? Learn how our process works in this article.
Help spread content around the globe. Bitcoin is for all.

Get Published

Want to get your book published with Konsensus Network? Reach out!

Get Published
Konsensus Network is always looking for new ways to spread bitcoin knowledge. We are the first bitcoin-only publishing house. Are you an author? Do you want to publish your book with us? Let us know and provide us a manuscript. Do you want to get your translated article published by
Looking for a bitcoin publishing house? We got you covered.

Sales Commission

Maybe you don't have a big audience yourself but you might know somebody in your local market who does. Connect them with Konsensus Network! We can offer them the affiliate program and you can get 5% of their sales going forward.

Alternatively, we also offer bulk discounts for businesses and organisations. Do you know someone who might be interested to buy our books? You can get a 10% closing fee and we can offer 20%-40% bulk discount, depending on the title and volume.