Your only weapon against inflation: Bitcoin

Bitcoin probably grabbed your attention, because some people got filthy rich and maybe you could too. I was the same. The longer I studied bitcoin, the more I understood what money really is. Keep reading, I promise to blow your mind.

Arm yourself with defensive technology
Wielding Bitcoin

We are at war. No, not the war you see on TV, the one that is supposed to scare you straight back to the voting booth (after filing your taxes, of course), so you can vote for and fund another set of lunatic warmongers who are determined to keep you poor. It is your time, sweat, and obedience that will keep the war machines well oiled. No. I am talking about the information war, the opinion war, and the war on liberty. Dead men tell no tales and poor men pose no resistance. Inflation is a weapon used against peaceful humans precisely to neuter our capability to fend for ourselves so we would become dependents. Would you be hungry for war if the message of hate wasn’t pushed through your eyeballs and eardrums 24/7? Or would you like to care for your family and friends and be left alone doing the things you love?

All the horrors of the past 100 years have been caused by easily forged, corrupt money. Fiat money (Latin for “let there be money”). The dollars on your bank account are conjured from thin air by a press of a button: POOF. Money appears on your account, and the more money is created, the less it’s worth. This is inflation, the act of inflating the money supply. The prices don’t “inflate”, your purchasing power is deflating like a flat tire. The banksters want to convince you that driving with a flat tire is a good idea for the economy, but historically every fiat money has failed and gone to zero. Inflation — the expansion of the money base — is the core function of every fiat money, by design.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, is designed to inflate your purchasing power. This is accomplished by having a mathematically locked money emission schedule, and thus there is no central party that could even attempt to inflate or deflate the money base. Bitcoin is the very first constant money that has a known supply and the exact amount of existing bitcoin is possible (and very easy) to verify. Bitcoin is honest, hard, and free money.

Traditionally, money has been hard, like gold. The hardness is not only about the chemical properties of the element, but mostly about the difficulty of producing money. Making new money must be very expensive and hard, otherwise, it will be squandered in what we call malinvestments. After all, people tend to rather buy something than nothing with their infinitely depreciating “fun coupons”. Fiat money has become the norm, as previous generations have gone, but it is, nevertheless, a very new experiment in human exchange. The state-appointed fiat “experts” like to frame the fiat economy as the "traditional" economic model, and why wouldn’t they, as the direct benefactors of inflation? Fiat has extinguished the flames of ambition and creativity in human civilization. No one bothers to do anything properly anymore when helicopter money is infinitely available for buying ever more poor goods and services.

Bitcoin is the latest upgrade to hard money — a new, massless element that, unlike gold, is genuinely scarce. Gold is only relatively scarce, and like other elements, it’s infinitely available. Bitcoin is a mathematical element that has emerged as money from the free market due to its unbreakable and undeniable properties. It can’t be counterfeited, and it can’t be destroyed. It can’t be stopped, but it can be transferred across information networks without any middlemen. It’s a breakthrough in human development comparable to making fire and the invention of the wheel. Bitcoin will lead humanity to the next golden age and beyond.