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Earn bitcoin with Konsensus Network. Recommend our books and get up to 20% of your sales in bitcoin. Withdraw sats directly to your own wallet. Start today.

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Konsensus Network Affiliate Program - Paid in bitcoin

Find the information you need to get started with our affiliate program. What we'll cover:

  • What is Konsensus Network?
  • How our affiliate program works?
  • How to join?
  • How to get paid?

Education through books

Konsensus Network is an organization dedicated to spreading bitcoin knowledge throughout the globe. We offer translations of the best books in the history of bitcoin, written by the best authors in the industry, in various languages. We published over 25 translations in Finnish, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish.

Earn bitcoin by recommending our books

You have an opportunity to earn commissions on your sales by marketing our wide selection of the best bitcoin books. We publish in many different languages, and more coming. Don't forget to check out our ebooks!

How it works

We are operating one of the best affiliate programs in bitcoin. You can earn up to 20% in commissions.  The best part? The commissions are paid out in bitcoin. Anyone is free to join and all we need is a functioning email address.

When you register your affiliate account, you can chose your coupon code. This code will give your referrals a 10% discount when they purchase a book in our shop. In addition, you will get up to 20% of these sale as a commission.


We are offering the following tiers for our affiliate program.

  • Tier 1: available for everyone - 10%
  • Tier 2: for content creators with an audience - 15%
  • Tier 3: for authors and contributors of Konsensus Network - 20%


You are a contributor (Tier 3) at Konsensus Network and one of your referrals buys 2 books for 60 euro in total (excluding shipping). With your discount code, the customer gets 10% off (= 54 euro). And because they paid in bitcoin for an additional 10% off (on the amount including shipping, which is 54+10 euro shipping), Your reward of 20% in this case will be 11.5 euro (20% of 64 - 6,4 = 11,5 euro).

How to join

Don’t wait anymore! Join our affiliate network today and start stacking sats in no time.

  1. Create your account
  2. Create content and share your coupon code
  3. Start earning

How to get paid

After you've made a few sales, login to your wallet. You can withdraw your sats to an address you control. Don't forget to reset the payment method every time you withdraw (avoid address reuse). We're hoping to enable payouts with Lightning in the future.

- If you have a blog, website, youtube, etc. you can link to it during signup and we'll bump your commission to 15%.

- If you are a contributor, please send us an e-mail to receive the 20% rewards tier.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask us.  Send an email to:


We are happy to hear from you and help you to get started.

Become a contributor

If you want to get the 20% and be involved at Konsensus Network in earnest, we are always in need of skilled translators, proofreaders, and editors. See how you could contribute by reading the following article.

Want to contribute to Konsensus Network? Find out how
We wouldn’t be where we are today without the dozens of starfish contributing their time and effort to help localize bitcoin knowledge. Want to help out? Learn how our process works in this article.
Konsensus Network is a platform to spread bitcoin knowledge. You too can contribute!